Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Overlook 2015

BTS Lookbook 

Amelia Bunjamin. BTS Lookbook photoshoot

Lunch with Chloudya

One Direction Concert (25th March 2015)

Husbands <3 (not my picture, credit to the owner)

This month a lot of exciting things happened, so I'm gonna tell you some of them! I had my third photoshoot for my lookbook and this one with Amelia Bunjamin who is a fashion blogger. I really adore her style + she owns a fab fashion line. The lookbook is for my Personal Project and I am far from done, I still have a couple of photoshoots and editing to do but i'm just too lazy. sigh 

Also, this month I went to my first concert and it's a One Direction concert! I bought the ticket last year and have been waiting for the concert for months. Days before the concert me and Chloudya had to exchange our e-ticket with the normal one and trust me it was very crowded and the place was so hot, so we decided to give ourselves a treat and eat somewhere nice afterwards. On the concert day, I was very very very excited and the concert went pretty well even tho it rained (before the concert started) and we had to stand for 8 hours straight. Note to myself, next time buy the ticket as fast as possible so I can get the Festival A one. Another note to myself, eat and drink a lot before a concert or any other festivals. 

- Diandra x


  1. The first two photos are fantastic. I will always remember my first music concert. It is so exciting. Hopefully, you still had a great time even with the rain and having to stand so long.


  2. It was nice time you had :) Happy April and happy Easter!