Friday, 17 April 2015

EDGY with Saras Anindita

Edgy is a style in which you combine clothing, footwear and accessories in unexpected ways. Whether your style is bohemian, preppy, sporty or chic, you can always create an edgy outfit by 
adding edgy accessories to your outfit. A lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities have been supporting the edgy look such as Sky Ferreira who is famous for her edginess. 

So, some of you may know that I'm making a lookbook for a project at school which I talked about in my last post. This Tuesday, I photographed Saras for the Edgy style and I thought that I would take pictures with her aswell (because I needed something to blog about haha).


1st Outfit
Me: New Look Top / American Apparel Pants / Sportsgirl Boots 
Saras: Thrifted Glasses / Stradivarius Top / Uniqlo Skirt / DMs Boots

2nd Outfit
Me: Forever 21 Top / H&M Skirt / Sportsgirl Boots
Saras: Uniqlo Top / Cotton On Skirt / Zara Jacket / H&M Necklace / DMs Boots

3rd Outfit
Me: Forever 21 Shirt / Knee Ripped Jeans / H&M Necklace / Sportsgirl Boots 
Saras: Topshop Top / Thrifted Coat / DMs Boots

Saras' Blog

- Diandra x

Friday, 10 April 2015

Lookbook Photoshoot BTS

Every year at my school, 11th graders have to do a personal project which is part of the IB curriculum. This year is my turn and I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do. We were allowed to do anything we want based on our passion and we had to make sure that we were going to enjoy making the project. At first I wanted to do a normal fashion book, then I wanted to make a magazine about fashion bloggers and then I didn't have any ideas anymore so I asked my friends and teachers for advice. After a lot of brainstorming I finally decided to make a lookbook which features many styles. Above are behind the scenes pictures of my Street Style and Grunge photoshoot. 

- Diandra x

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Overlook 2015

BTS Lookbook 

Amelia Bunjamin. BTS Lookbook photoshoot

Lunch with Chloudya

One Direction Concert (25th March 2015)

Husbands <3 (not my picture, credit to the owner)

This month a lot of exciting things happened, so I'm gonna tell you some of them! I had my third photoshoot for my lookbook and this one with Amelia Bunjamin who is a fashion blogger. I really adore her style + she owns a fab fashion line. The lookbook is for my Personal Project and I am far from done, I still have a couple of photoshoots and editing to do but i'm just too lazy. sigh 

Also, this month I went to my first concert and it's a One Direction concert! I bought the ticket last year and have been waiting for the concert for months. Days before the concert me and Chloudya had to exchange our e-ticket with the normal one and trust me it was very crowded and the place was so hot, so we decided to give ourselves a treat and eat somewhere nice afterwards. On the concert day, I was very very very excited and the concert went pretty well even tho it rained (before the concert started) and we had to stand for 8 hours straight. Note to myself, next time buy the ticket as fast as possible so I can get the Festival A one. Another note to myself, eat and drink a lot before a concert or any other festivals. 

- Diandra x